Lately my hair and I have been going through. It's autumn now and winters knocking. Usually this means that our hair regimens change, and there's an increased emphasis on retaining moisture. Last winter I didn't find the need to change my routine or products, my hair was okay. THIS year, it's a whole 'nother story. It's not that it's colder outside but rather it's warmer inside
of my home. If you don't know I have recently moved to a new house in a new city. One of the problemos that has come up with the move is the heat. After being affected by the hurricane and not having any heat, let alone electricity, I would be crazy to complain but I swear I've never been so ashy in my life. Not only my skin is dry but my hair as well. I literally wake up nearly every morning with dry mouth. So, I will be slowly tweaking my routine to address the issue. Hope this works!

My sister’s first day at Irvington high school is tomorrow and we tried something new (to her). A few months ago I got her on that natural wave, but she decided to do a big chop instead of transition like I did. Her hair has grown since then, but now she's at a bit of an awkward stage ;I remember mine. Anywhooos, she was looking through some videos on YouTube, as I encourage her to do, and decided to do a perm rod set. Well actually she wanted to do any kind of curl but we only had enough perm rods to cover her whole head (we still had to make larger parts).

**Starting on dry hair we used a bit of spritz to moisten the hair so it is workable. You don't want to do this on wet hair unless you plan to sit under a dryer, this will take a longer time to dry. To set the rods we used Olive Oil Ecostyler gel so that tight and defined curls will be formed. Ecostyler is a great gel but it can be crunchy and flakey so before we applied that we added organic coconut oil to the hair first. This will moisturize the hair and tone down the crunchy crunch. Hopefully it looks bueno in the morning :)

The Takedown...

For me, the most important product in my natural hair regimens is
my Leave in conditioner. I have tried several different leave-ins, but I keep
gravitating to this one. I can change my shampoo, conditioner or whatever, but
this won’t be changing in the near future.
One product by Cantu has been a staple of mine for the lasteight months. That product is the Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioning repair cream it cost for 4.99  from my local beauty supply store and it just works amazingly for me. I use this product every time I wash my hair which is on a weekly or bi-monthly basis. It is 16 fluid ounces which is a great deal when compared to other hair products. As far as the consistency goes, it is a loose, kind of watery cream, if that  makes sense. Very lotion like. This product is not new on the market by any means but it works amazingly for me. It has a clean fragrance, not to sweet or florally. I just lovvveeee this product.

No product is for everyone. Some naturals have chosen to move to another product because this isn’t completely "natural" friendly (ingredient wise).  BUT I can't get enough. Have you tried this? Whats your favorite leave-in conditioner.