Well folks that’s the end of that. The mysterious green Cadillac is actually my neighbors car, haha! My mother told me that she had seen the woman next door leaving early in the morning a couple days and drove off in the car. Honestly, that’s a relief because the ideas that I had swirling in my head, SMH. BUT, the way this conversation came across is even crazier. It was about 9pm, and my mother, sister and I were all in the house settling in for the night. That’s when there was someone knocking on the door. My mother answered and I could hear the conversation from her room, where I was watching TV. It was a woman, who said she was from PSE&G, supposedly they had came to our door earlier and knocked but no one answered. She was basically telling my mother that she needs to put more money on her account, or something ridiculous like that. Time to point out the curiosities of this encounter, I’d like to draw you a picture.

1. my mother and myself had been home all day, absolutely no one knocked on the door.

2. it was 9 pm. When has your gas and electric company ever sent out people this late?
3. if there was anything wrong with the account, it would show up on a BILL.

4. the young lady was wearing regular clothes and got out of a basic car. She had not a logo anywhere on her. The only thing she had was a clipboard that looked like it had a billing statement stuck into it. 

Apparently my mother wasn’t buying what the girl was sellingeither. Then my dog Lily, walked up to the door. She is no tiny pup. Lily is a big girl and because of her size most people would think of her asautomatically aggressive or scary. Too bad this is the exact opposite. The only time she would growl is if you’re too close to her food and the only time she would bark is if you had some type of food that she wanted. When the woman saw my dog she got a little scared. She asked if she bites and clearly irritated my mother responded saying “well she got teeth.”Lily always goes to the door when its opened so she can go outside or check to see if anyone is bringing in bags of you guessed it, food. In this case her presence was useful and the girl gave up and left.

Clearly this was someone trying to scam us. We have never had any experience like this. Ever. My mother and I kept talking about it and of course she called everyoneeeee she knows to talk about it. Then I thought of the car and the two people knocking. That’s when my mother told me who owned the car. Too bad this brought more questions than answers. The people who live next door, they’ve been here for a while. And the things people have said after they’ve knocked on the door was already weird. As if they were watching the house or at least the immediate area of the house.

My idea is this. People are indeed watching (i dont really mean this is a organized crime way lol). There has been alot of issues with scammers after Sandy.  We are new to the neighborhood, get a lot of packages and don’t exactly blend in. People are trying to try us. It sounds crazy but it happens. We don’t live in Bayonne anymore (unfortunately) and to be frank this is the hooo! We shall see what happens in weeks to come. I’ll be sure to update.

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