Who doesn't like Miguel? Huh? Who?! I seriously think he is one of the most underrated artist out. He can actually sing and sing LIVE. Even with a hit song out he still doesn't get enough love as he deserves. We haven't bought a CD in over 5 years and we just bought Kaleidoscope Dream. You when you buy a CD because you like a song, and when you play the entire thing you realize the rest of the rest of the album is trash? Well that’s not the case here. I’m not going to lie, every song I’m not completely into, but in general I do like the album. Especially a song that I really really didn’t think I would be into “P***y Is Mine”. When My sister first played it, my face was completely screwed. But, I love his voice sooo much that I didn’t even care. This almost makes me want to start buying CD’s again (almost).

If you want to hear the song, click read more. >>>>>>>>>

I take no credit for the song or video

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