I am sitting on my couch as I write this, and parked directly in front of our house is a shiny sage green Cadillac. **FYI - I’m no car person, so what make and model it is, I have no clue** This car has been parked outside of our house for almost every day that we have lived here. I know it doesn’t belong us, or the people who live upstairs, since we have a private parking area in the back lot. Normally, I wouldn’t care at all. We live on a semi-busy street with street parking, so it could belong to a store owner or someone in one of the apartments across the street. The reason why this has peaked my interest is because one night, about two weeks ago, a random guy banged on our door asking about it. My mother, sister, and myself were watching a movie in the living room when we heard someone literally banging on the door. It was late in the evening and dark in the house, knowing how scary we are, my sister and I ran to the back of the house (pathetic, right?). I could hear my mother answer the door and it sounded like a young guy that was in a hurry. “Is that your car? Who’s car is that? It’s always out here, you really don’t know?” I could hear her tell him she didn’t know and she shut the door. 
        Sidebar: who the fudge knocks on someone’s door like that? Do you know who lives here? Who raised you?


Now about a week later, I was home alone and someone knocked on the door. I answered cautiously, because I legit don’t know anyone in this city, so who would be visiting? We had no expected deliveries or anything. I opened the door and there was this huge guy standing there like yikes. This clearly was a different man, much older thanthe last. “Do you know who’s car that is? is that your husband’s car? What about them (pointing to the door for the upstairs tenants)? It's parked out here every day. I have something for him.”

Sidebar: How presumptuous and I do not look that old. And HOW HE KNOW ITS OUT HERE EVERYDAY?
Trying hurry him off, I put on my best incoherent face and just said “no, no. es no mine”. Now you would think that after the first time I said I don’t know who’s car it is, the man would’ve walked the hell away, but he kept asking questions. I was sketched out from the beginning, but when he said “I have something for him” my dang knees buckled. How can you have something for someone, but don’t know who owns the car? I’m just not understanding.

Right now I have plenty of theories on who owns that car; some more realistic than others. All I can say for right now is, I GOT MY EYES PEELED!!!
12/6/2012 04:07:52 pm

That is super strange! Stay safe out there. Is there a way you can report the vehicle? I would be freaked out about it all too.


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