I recently revisited a hair product that I use to use when I was relaxed. Not too long ago, I was thinking about all of the shampoos and conditioners that I use, and for some reason this one got lost in the sauce and I couldn’t remember using it (as a natural). I knew I liked it when I was relaxed but my hair needs are a bit different now so I put off buying it again. This was until I was looking into buying a spray leave in conditioner  that would help moisturize my hair when I change styles mid-week and the brand for the spray I was interested in is the same brand of the long lost hair product. What am I talking about?

Lately my hair and I have been going through. It's autumn now and winters knocking. Usually this means that our hair regimens change, and there's an increased emphasis on retaining moisture. Last winter I didn't find the need to change my routine or products, my hair was okay. THIS year, it's a whole 'nother story. It's not that it's colder outside but rather it's warmer inside
of my home. If you don't know I have recently moved to a new house in a new city. One of the problemos that has come up with the move is the heat. After being affected by the hurricane and not having any heat, let alone electricity, I would be crazy to complain but I swear I've never been so ashy in my life. Not only my skin is dry but my hair as well. I literally wake up nearly every morning with dry mouth. So, I will be slowly tweaking my routine to address the issue. Hope this works!