I recently revisited a hair product that I use to use when I was relaxed. Not too long ago, I was thinking about all of the shampoos and conditioners that I use, and for some reason this one got lost in the sauce and I couldn’t remember using it (as a natural). I knew I liked it when I was relaxed but my hair needs are a bit different now so I put off buying it again. This was until I was looking into buying a spray leave in conditioner  that would help moisturize my hair when I change styles mid-week and the brand for the spray I was interested in is the same brand of the long lost hair product. What am I talking about?
AUSSIE’s Moist Conditioner!
 I seriously love this stuff. For shampoos and conditioners I am not particularly picky. If my hair responds well and the price is reasonable, I’ll use it. I picked it up but continued using my other conditioners. I held off on using this for awhile until two days ago. I finally used it because my hair was feeling pretty dry and afterwards my hair felt AHMAHZING!

***To start I used my ACV (apple
cider vinegar) spray to cleanse my scalp, since I would be doing a co-wash. I
use ACV every time I wash my hair. Then I rinsed that out, put the Aussie all
over my hair especially on my ends, then covered my hair with a cap. I wrapped
that under my turban as an alternative it sitting under a dryer, since I don’t
have one. I deep condition my hair weekly, leaving it only on my hair for only
about 30 mins. After that, I rinse, moisturize and style.When I say my hair was
soft, I mean it was soofffftttttt. The conditioner is light, which usually
doesn’t do much for my hair, but this worked very well. The conditioner has a
clean scent, not too sweet, spicy, or floral, which I appreciate. Even though
the scents of my shampoo/conditioner  will be covered up by my moisturizer and
sealant, I still don’t want to put something stinky on my luscious locks :)

I purchased the 29.2 fl oz. bottle from CVS for about 6 bucks. On the bottle it says it can last for up to 100 uses. With as much conditioner as I use, I highly doubt that, but it is still a good amount of product for a good price.

So if you’re on the market for a new conditioner, try AUSSIE MOIST.

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