My sister’s first day at Irvington high school is tomorrow and we tried something new (to her). A few months ago I got her on that natural wave, but she decided to do a big chop instead of transition like I did. Her hair has grown since then, but now she's at a bit of an awkward stage ;I remember mine. Anywhooos, she was looking through some videos on YouTube, as I encourage her to do, and decided to do a perm rod set. Well actually she wanted to do any kind of curl but we only had enough perm rods to cover her whole head (we still had to make larger parts).

**Starting on dry hair we used a bit of spritz to moisten the hair so it is workable. You don't want to do this on wet hair unless you plan to sit under a dryer, this will take a longer time to dry. To set the rods we used Olive Oil Ecostyler gel so that tight and defined curls will be formed. Ecostyler is a great gel but it can be crunchy and flakey so before we applied that we added organic coconut oil to the hair first. This will moisturize the hair and tone down the crunchy crunch. Hopefully it looks bueno in the morning :)

The Takedown...

 I didn’t get a picture unfortunately, but her hair was very soft yet defined. There was no flaking and a lot of movement. Because her hair is shorter, it formed a curly fluff on her head (I mean that in a nice way, lol). She pushed it back and that was it. 

All in all, her hair came out very nice and I think I may be doing that myself for the holidays. I will need to go get a few more packs of perm rods though.

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