For me, the most important product in my natural hair regimens is
my Leave in conditioner. I have tried several different leave-ins, but I keep
gravitating to this one. I can change my shampoo, conditioner or whatever, but
this won’t be changing in the near future.
One product by Cantu has been a staple of mine for the lasteight months. That product is the Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioning repair cream it cost for 4.99  from my local beauty supply store and it just works amazingly for me. I use this product every time I wash my hair which is on a weekly or bi-monthly basis. It is 16 fluid ounces which is a great deal when compared to other hair products. As far as the consistency goes, it is a loose, kind of watery cream, if that  makes sense. Very lotion like. This product is not new on the market by any means but it works amazingly for me. It has a clean fragrance, not to sweet or florally. I just lovvveeee this product.

No product is for everyone. Some naturals have chosen to move to another product because this isn’t completely "natural" friendly (ingredient wise).  BUT I can't get enough. Have you tried this? Whats your favorite leave-in conditioner.

3/27/2014 09:30:16 am

Thumbs up for this cream.:)


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