So I was watching the Bill Cunningham Show, one of the most ratchet bits of daytime television, which I thoroughly enjoy. There was a guest on who had slept with her best friend’s boyfriend. The two had been friends for over 10 years, and the friend had even provided shelter for her when she was kicked out of her own home. To top it all off she thought she was pregnant by the gentleman, her best friends boyfriend. Not to mention that she even suggested that she and he should form a romantic relationship. When her friend came on the stage to hear the secrets revealed, the girl had the nerve to be upset at her friend; asking for some kind of credit for her honesty. This post isn’t necessarily meant to be a commentary on a television show. The segment for one made me thankful that I keep my circle small, and also made think about all of the scandalous men and women we come across on a daily basis. Some of them “family”,some of them “friends”. 
The young woman’s actions spoke volumes about herself, her morals, self value and their friendship. It is clear that a woman or man that will become involved with the partner of a friend is someone who never truly valued their friendship to begin with. How can anyone betray someone who feeds, clothes, and takes care of them. The word for this my friends, is TRIFLING, low down, disrespectful, etc. True, the friend is not the only wrong person in thesituation. Of course your partner should have had more respect for you. To cheat is of course a horrible thing, but to do so with a friend is a boundary that should never be crossed.
I would expound on my feelings towards this scenario, but to be honest, I don’t feel like typing anymore. The moral of the story is to watch the company you keep. This kind of situation does not come out of the blue. A partner or friend that would be so outwardly disrespectful, probably did not decide to do so for once. Watch out folks!

12/6/2012 03:43:30 am

Sounds like MAury! but you right. if you with somebody that feel like they can cheat on you with somebody so close. they pobably have been doing you dirty for a while. and you jsut didnt want to see it.


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