I've literally deactivated my Facebook more than 10 times this year alone. Every time I get online, there is someone fronting, crying or shoving their tatas all up in the camera. Like Kat Williams says "do what you do, boo boo" but I really don't want see it. So because I try to keep my sailors mouth at a minimum, I just deactivate it. Then I get bored and I'm back again. But that's not the point of this post. I have a Facebook friend that is younger than myself by maybe a year or so. She got pregnant in her mid teens but has since gotten her education on track and seemswell. I'm not mad at her for that. There's so many girls that abandon their educational pursuits, so congrats. PERRROOOO she puts her relationship business alllll over Facebook. I mean I have a few hundred "friends" and she is forever in my newsfeed.
Now, I personally have a slight issue with mothers who talk about how much they need this or that, how they take care of their children and a hour later are talking about I'm about to roll up. Likeeee whuuhh? But back to her baby daddy drama. One minute, she's a talk show host tolling out unsolicited advice and the next she's crying that they broke up over a bowl of cereal. I don't know the young lady's business (well at least not anymore than what she posts) but I mean sweety, maybe you could at least keep it to yourself for a while. Find a good space mentally. She is not the only teen mom I know, by any means. And I'm not mad at her or any of them for doing what they have to in order to support their family. But with ALLL that you got going on, don't you wanna tone down all the extra drama. It's like those people who change their relationship status like they change their socks; but with more cussing and foolishness.

If I were to give her advice ( because I'm about two seconds from blocking her) I would a: tell her to not put her personal business all out there. And b: let her know that if a man, whether he is your child’s father or not, is treating your poorly and keeping you distracted from what you need to do and from bettering yourself you need to reevaluate your situation-- IN PRIVATE.
12/6/2012 03:44:28 am



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