Well folks that’s the end of that. The mysterious green Cadillac is actually my neighbors car, haha! My mother told me that she had seen the woman next door leaving early in the morning a couple days and drove off in the car. Honestly, that’s a relief because the ideas that I had swirling in my head, SMH. BUT, the way this conversation came across is even crazier. It was about 9pm, and my mother, sister and I were all in the house settling in for the night. That’s when there was someone knocking on the door. My mother answered and I could hear the conversation from her room, where I was watching TV. It was a woman, who said she was from PSE&G, supposedly they had came to our door earlier and knocked but no one answered. She was basically telling my mother that she needs to put more money on her account, or something ridiculous like that. Time to point out the curiosities of this encounter, I’d like to draw you a picture.

1. my mother and myself had been home all day, absolutely no one knocked on the door.

2. it was 9 pm. When has your gas and electric company ever sent out people this late?

I am sitting on my couch as I write this, and parked directly in front of our house is a shiny sage green Cadillac. **FYI - I’m no car person, so what make and model it is, I have no clue** This car has been parked outside of our house for almost every day that we have lived here. I know it doesn’t belong us, or the people who live upstairs, since we have a private parking area in the back lot. Normally, I wouldn’t care at all. We live on a semi-busy street with street parking, so it could belong to a store owner or someone in one of the apartments across the street. The reason why this has peaked my interest is because one night, about two weeks ago, a random guy banged on our door asking about it. My mother, sister, and myself were watching a movie in the living room when we heard someone literally banging on the door. It was late in the evening and dark in the house, knowing how scary we are, my sister and I ran to the back of the house (pathetic, right?). I could hear my mother answer the door and it sounded like a young guy that was in a hurry. “Is that your car? Who’s car is that? It’s always out here, you really don’t know?” I could hear her tell him she didn’t know and she shut the door. 

 Who doesn't like Miguel? Huh? Who?! I seriously think he is one of the most underrated artist out. He can actually sing and sing LIVE. Even with a hit song out he still doesn't get enough love as he deserves. We haven't bought a CD in over 5 years and we just bought Kaleidoscope Dream. You when you buy a CD because you like a song, and when you play the entire thing you realize the rest of the rest of the album is trash? Well that’s not the case here. I’m not going to lie, every song I’m not completely into, but in general I do like the album. Especially a song that I really really didn’t think I would be into “P***y Is Mine”. When My sister first played it, my face was completely screwed. But, I love his voice sooo much that I didn’t even care. This almost makes me want to start buying CD’s again (almost).

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Nope this isn't the start of a fairy tale. It's the name of my most favoritest show evaaa. Last Sunday was the last episode before the month long break and i died. The episode itself wasn't like ahmazing but the ending. There's so many possibilities. Hook, baye, Regina and Cora. I'm sooo ready. But this just made me think about true blood. Which once held that title. I wonder when it comes back on. Even though I friggen hated the last season...But that's another post.
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Happy DecemBURR!


It’s the first of the month! So to all my folks who collect their checks, don’t spend them too fast. Nothing has really today. I’m still blind, bored and unemployed. But I am one day closer to getting my new kittens! I know when I posted on facebook about my mother’s decision to get me two cats, I wasn’t ecstatic. But as time passed and I watched a few episodes of “Too Cute” on the Animal Planet, I warmed up to the idea. I don’t know when they will be brought here, or what they even look like but I’m oh so ready. Today’s been nothing but writing posts and "Moesha" reruns. This morning though I did do some cooking. The recipe will be after this post. 
Tis the season!

SOOOOO I’m christening my blog today!!!!! this is actually really
exciting. I’ve been thinking about creating a blog for the longest time now and
I guess this is it. Of course there is probably no one reading this but that’s
okay. In future post I will be talking about my life, hair, makeup, a bit of pop
culture, health, maybe even some politics. If anyone is reading this, hope you
enjoy :)))



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